While I’m on the trailers thing, here’s a short one for Ghost in the Shell II: Innocence.

(via Binary Bonsai)


Mathieu November 4, 2003

Holy crap!!! Didnt see that one coming! Looks like they finally succeeded in integrating 3d and classic animation in a tastefull manner… now I just hope its not 90% 3d!

TheDon November 4, 2003

I’m looking forward to this though I’m kind of sorry to see so much Matrix in everything that’s coming out lately. Must be the cinicism in me rearing its ugly head, but do we really need swivel shots in everything?

I’m due to see Underworld soon but I’ve heard someone puked Matrix all over that too. ;)

Patrick November 4, 2003

Yup, Underworld is full of Matrix puke with pieces of Blade floating in there… but I kinda liked it! ;)

TheDon November 5, 2003

I was pleased with the end result and yes, I too noticed a broken off “Blade” in the film.

I was a bit disapointed in the image they chose of vampire/werewolf hybrid. Would have thought it different but it still looked very cool.

P.S. Whitewolf sued the makers of this film for ripping off their ideas but I never found out the outcome of that.

Ahhh so much irony in Hollywood and music industries being irate over piracy, it’s starting to lose its charm. :)

Patrick November 6, 2003

I wasn’t too happy with the hybrid either, not sure what I expected it to look like but it didn’t “feel” like a mix of the way they represented the two seperate races.

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