iPhone Unlocked

So the iPhone has been completely unlocked and can seemingly be used on any compatible network. Of course here it still would mean Rogers and no good data plan and for me having to cancel my Fido account so still no go.


cfd August 25, 2007

Mon plan Fido Unlimited Data @ 50$ vient de prendre une toute nouvelle valeur!

Patrick August 25, 2007


Boris September 1, 2007

explain why it means you’d have to use Rogers here? If it’s unlocked, it’s unlocked. The only thing an unlocked iPhone lacks, as fasr as I understand it, is the visual callcenter feature that required AT&T to install new software on their messaging systems.

Patrick September 1, 2007

The iPhone is GSM only, which since the beginning everyone was saying would mean Rogers is the only choice. Of course I just noticed that Fido is also GSM, I guess no one ever mentioned them as an option because they are Rogers owned and so the iPhone would surely go to Rogers but you’re right, an unlocked one could also go on Fido. Even unlocked it wouldn’t work on Bell or Telus networks though.

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