iPhone Augmented Reality Demo

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Awesome. To think of what my previous phone was like! I’ve had an iPhone for what, a year and a half? It still feels sometimes like I’m picking up a piece of hardware from the future, like the guy who found a Terminator hand or something, the jump this phone took is just incredible and it’s still evolving so quickly.

In case you’re not sure what you are seeing (hardish to understand what’s behind the phone, which is essential) : The camera is picking up what’s in front of the phone, the app is scanning the scene, picking up on the position of 3D objects in front of it and then inserting it’s own imagery, angled and shaded and sized to fit within that scene.

The iPhone becomes a window, a filter, through which you see a different, augmented, version of reality. Ok, minor augmentation but the possibilities are pretty crazy and put in the context that this is a phone with that processing power is a bit nuts.

(via the Hugh)

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