Insurance Woes

When you are a freelancer working from home, you are supposed to advise your insurance company that you work from home (In Québec anyway). Obviously, they’ll adjust your contract but at least that way they wont try to sneak out of paying if something happens and they didn’t know you were using your apartment for an office.

So I did that last year. Problem is, they don’t insure web developers! No, really, they’re all super afraid of the millions upon millions I could get sued for if I don’t deliver a site!!! My laptop is leased and I’ve got an insurance with that so even though it’s too expensive, I wasn’t in a super big hurry to find something else. I did however find out that the insurers you can do business directly with (Desjardins, La Capitale, etc.) don’t insure freelancers, period. You have to use a broker (courtier) and the first few brokers I spoke to were charging me double my current policy just to switch the same equipment from “personal belonging” to “stuff I work with from home” and most couldn’t simply option the responsibility part of it out of the policy.

This morning I finally found one who offers a “floating” addon to a home insurance policy and covers all my equipement, at home and anywhere I might use it. The replacement of my home policy plus the floating part comes out to only 30$ more than I was paying.

Anyway, I know a good number of freelancers so I posted this in case it can help but mosty I wanted to mention that I found out why they wouldn’t cover a web developer; the Y2K bug!! You know, the thing that didn’t happen? When they realized that potentially computer bugs could cost them a lot, they hiked the restrictions to insane levels and pretty much priced out anyone too small to pay. Nice. Fucking nice.

One last thing; I HATE having to almost torture people to explain their goddamed service. The guy where I finally got the info and a good price initially said “we don’t cover web developers” and I could “hear” the phone pulling away from is hear to hang up. I had to tweak the first bits of information out of him until he finally realised that I wasn’t asking for much and he had the perfect product.

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