Insanely Great?

I’ve been pretty busy lately, in case you didn’t notice the lack of posts. Which means some things like this article looking at Apple and their search for perfection have been laying in my “reading list” pile of bookmarks, unread and unblogged. I’ve just gone through it at a glance and realised there’s way too much content and too many other articles linked to get to it now but I thought I’d blog it now, you don’t have to wait for me to read good content ;).

Most product designers, informational or otherwise, are taught to attempt to attain perfection – to create the perfect device, the pixel-perfect user interface, the perfect newspaper layout. To create something for the user which gets it so right, first time, that the user achieves some heightened state of nirvana, falling in love with the product at first sight, before going on to form a lasting relationship. We covet things which attain this status: say the Citron DS or a Charles Eames lounger … and the iPod.