Indycollablogozine Kwiki

For those interested in the Indycollablogozine project that I proposed, I created a kwiki page for it. I created a few subpages for issues already brought up, don’t hesitate to create others. Please make sure to go to the preferences page and create a user page to “validate” your edits (you don’t have to use your name, the name of your blog will do if you prefer). I know some people aren’t super fond of wikis and/or don’t know how they work. Don’t worry, they’re very simple and easy to use. You can refer to this one minute kwiki tutorial and some more details on the formatting rules page.


steph January 9, 2004

I’ve created a team page so that people can add their names to this first before setting the username in Preferences. This is because Kwiki won’t let you set your username unless it already exists as a placeholder for a kwiki page.

steph January 9, 2004

Oh yeah :) This might be particularly handy.

Patrick January 9, 2004

Good idea on the team page Steph. The rss thing is coming ;-p

Patrick January 9, 2004

RSS thing has come. It’s added at the top of the wiki page, next to recent changes.

Martine January 9, 2004

Damn! You mean I finally have to use those damn wikis? They get me dizzy just looking at them! (I’m old and grumpy. Sorry)

Patrick January 10, 2004

Are you teasing or serious?? Anyway, this one’s a very simple wiki, especially I think with my design, not loaded with links like some. Very easy. I swear.

Martine January 10, 2004

Half teasing. All the wikis I’ve looked at before made me want to click on that little X in the corner very quickly. But I have to admit yours is nice and clean, so I’ll take some time to read the instructions. ;-)

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