So f*cking cold it felt like my contacts were freezing right in my eyes! It’s -33°C here in Montréal (including windchill), it got to -38°C in the middle of the day yesterday. For you bastard out there (I use bastard affectionately, kinda) living in human compatible climate who don’t know what -33°C feels like here’s a little hint.

I came home minutes ago and noticed that I had gotten some mail so I took a glove off, reached in, pulled out the letter. Noticing it was addressed by hand I flipped it over to read the return address, read it and put it my pocket. I then checked the door to see if it was locked before reaching in my pocket to get the keys. By the time I had them my fingers were so numbed by the cold that I could barely feel the keys to get the right one. I shit you not. That’s how damn cold -33°C is. Bastards.

Oh yeah, M.A. and P who left for Australia the same day we started having those insane temperatures. The term bastards applies to you too.


lightspeedchick January 9, 2004

-33 means your pipes freeze and you have no hot water for your morning shower. Bastards. :)

The only reason why I stay in this climate is that my friends all live here. So I have an idea: let’s all move. Ok?

Patrick January 9, 2004


Although there aren’t that many warm english or french speaking places to move to that are both interesting and will let you in. US? Not these days. Australia has been a dream of mine for a while but they are pretty strict on immigration. Maybe Steph can help? ;-)

Martine January 9, 2004

Can cats and nephews come too?
Then I’m in. I mean out (of here).

We’ll find a nice island somewhere in the Pacific.

Denis Boudreau January 10, 2004

Not to be a smart-ass or anything, but it actualy got to -42 with windchill

Nika January 10, 2004

Lately, it has actually been colder here than in Siberia.
I shit you not.
Anyone for a week in Varadero, let’s say late February?

Bastard January 11, 2004

Paris today : + 12 ° C…

Martine January 11, 2004

Tiens, le capitaine qui fait son baveux… ;-)

Patrick January 11, 2004

I’m certainly planning to go somewhere south for a week this winter. Varadero might be a good choice. We’ll see how it goes money wise, meaning job/contracts.

Nika January 11, 2004

Well, my friend Melanie I are going for sure, we decided this week, go figure!
Hey.. I have no cash but I’ve got lots of credit and a really bad NEED to spend a week on a sandy beach some place where they make Mohitos.
The more the merrier, maybe we can get a group rate…or even better have a YUL Blog meeting on the beach!

lightspeedchick January 12, 2004

Oh you might be onto something Nika…

steph January 12, 2004

I keep telling people that Australia is not always hot ;) Melbourne does get down to 0 or 1 degrees in winter, but of course that doesn’t compare with -42. Be prepared for winds from Antartica and the desert. Also be prepared to wear SPF 30+ sunscreen whenever the sun’s out. :)

Immigration laws are a pain in the ass anywhere :)

exYULinhabitant January 15, 2004

I remember -33… I even remember -42 with windchill
Yes immigration is a pain but it is so nice to be able to ride a scooter to work in January and get there with all my little programming fingers intact.

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