So f*cking cold it felt like my contacts were freezing right in my eyes! It’s -33°C here in Montréal (including windchill), it got to -38°C in the middle of the day yesterday. For you bastard out there (I use bastard affectionately, kinda) living in human compatible climate who don’t know what -33°C feels like here’s a little hint.

I came home minutes ago and noticed that I had gotten some mail so I took a glove off, reached in, pulled out the letter. Noticing it was addressed by hand I flipped it over to read the return address, read it and put it my pocket. I then checked the door to see if it was locked before reaching in my pocket to get the keys. By the time I had them my fingers were so numbed by the cold that I could barely feel the keys to get the right one. I shit you not. That’s how damn cold -33°C is. Bastards.

Oh yeah, M.A. and P who left for Australia the same day we started having those insane temperatures. The term bastards applies to you too.

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