I love your work

This is probably going to be my post with the most ever names of people and/or things I like. There’s an article on the site of the fantastic (and now closed) magazine Shift, written by the very cool and funny Ariel Meadow Stallings. The article is about the potentially great story of Helen Jane Yeager who is now a paid blogger for the movie I love your work. I havent read much of it so I’m not sure how it is turning out, especially since the director has to review everything before it gets published but it could be interesting. And to finish off with the people I like, the movie stars; Giovanni Ribisi, Christina Ricci, Jason Lee, Vince Vaughn and Franka Potente and is directed by Adam Goldberg. I’m always happy to see any of them on screen so all at the same time is very very promissing!!