HP Personal Again

They’ve been around for a little while but I never looked for them on Youtube before now, HP’s Personal Again ad campaign is really well done. Looks like something Apple would make.

The associated site is so so, the “signage” is pretty cool but way too similar to the cover for Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. I’m aware that both are aping Saul Bass but HP’s bugs me more, being so similar to the very recent books cover.


Stéphane Z. November 26, 2006

Recently HP tried to bring back the concept of Memex. Unfortunately this does not depend on the hardware… it’s the software that does everything. I have a HP tablet PC and despites all my efforts it’s far from an ergonomic memex.

Nice campaign, the message is interesting but it’s still far from the target…

edemay November 27, 2006

Ce que j’aime le plus c’est la typo du slogan. Ça me fait craquer. Ça me fait penser à un film d’aventure de jeunes des années 80 (genre goonies ou qqch).

Patrick November 27, 2006

Ahahah. En effet.

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