How to Care for Your Web Designer

It’s pretty common that I find web designers who do great work and make me look and wonder why I’m even doing this but when she’s also 23 and builds this and writes great insightful stuff like this well then I just want to go back to sleep.

More seriously though, great series from Eris, a few choice pieces:

Despite common belief, Web Designers are not Super Heros. It is important to understand that your new Designer is going to do a lot more than simply put an image on a page and add some color. A quality website doesn’t happen overnight. It is a process than can take weeks or months depending on the website’s size.

At first glance, it may seem that your new Designer has a ton of scattered info in their head. This is not the case. Your new Designer has its very own internal organization system that masterfully organizes all of this data and calls relevant data forth when the initial program, Web Designer 10.5, needs it.

These are a few things that your new Designer appreciates … The small phrase, “thank you” … Their very own private island with wifi where nobody else is invited and the pina coladas are on tap … Shiny electronics … Money.

I agree with pretty much everything she says because it fits in very well with my own experience but not everybody does and there are some good comments being posted on Boris’ site (where I found the link btw).