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I already talked about all the movies coming out that are based on great figures of history, well, great fighting figures of history, here’s some more info.

There are not only two movies about Alexander the Great but three, the last being a miniseries for HBO produced my Mel Gibson and titled Fire From Heaven. I won’t link everything I’ve read but one thing I’m looking forward to (or dreading) is the way they are interpreting the somewhat slim facts that have made it to us and the age of the characters vs that of their characters. So far DiCaprio is the best choice age wise for Alexander, sure he’s two years older than Farrel (who knew!) but I think he looks younger. Anyway, both are fine what I’m wondering is how Nicole Kidman and Angelina Jolie are supposed to play Alexander’s mother Olympia? I can see (barely) Val Kilmer as Farrel’s father Philip but Anthony Hopkins as his “slightly older” half-brother Ptolemy?? That seems to be a good indication that they are changing things around quite a bit which isn’t a good sign.

For the ladies though, I’m sure you’ll appreciate Farrel and Jared Leto in the homosexual part of their bisexual lives and, hold on Martine et al, Goran Visnjic as Spartacus for a USA Network miniseries.

For the guys, aside from Jolie, Kidman and Rosario Dawson we’ll also have Keira Knightley as Guinevere in Antoine Fuqua’s no magic / historical context correct version of King Arthur’s story. (hat tip to John for the pictures)

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Martine October 23, 2003

Ooooh, Goran in a little fighting skirt! Can’t wait!

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