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Fantastic Four: According to Greg’s Previews filming start as been scheduled but on the same page the director and cast arent selected?? Anyway, in the mean time here’s my choice for cast amongst names already rumored: George Clooney as Reed Richards, Naomi Watts as Sue Storm, Ryan Gosling is Johnny Storm and James Gandolfini as the voice of The Thing. Not sure about Dr. Doom yet though.

Matt Damon and Franka Potente seems to have signed on for The Bourne Supremacy nice. Really looking forward to that one, as long as there isnt something like that crappy staircase scene at the end.

Incredibly enough, a John Malkovitch movie, Ripley’s Game is going straight to video!?

Didnt know about this one, The World of Tomorrow with Jude Law and Gwyneth Paltrow.

This science fiction adventure set in the 1930s starts as New York City reporter Polly Perkins (Paltrow) starts to investigate why so many famous scientists are starting to be reported missing. Soon, she starts to get clues, as strange flying machines and giant robots threaten the city…


Karl Dubost August 12, 2003

Mort de rire pour l’ingénieur informatique super héros… Bienvenue dans geek world.

C’est désespérant le cinéma aux US parfois.

aj August 12, 2003

Polly Perkins? Wow – that’s a sideways reference to Whit Stillman’s Metropolitan!

lightspeedchick August 12, 2003

Okay, I interviewed Walt Stilman about Metropolitan, and I don’t know what you’re talking about. :)

Patrick August 12, 2003

Merde j’aurais dut être ingénieur!! Je trouve assez drôle aussi qu’ils disent “from the author of Blade Runner et Minority Report”. Ok, ils sont tous basés sur des nouvelles de Philip K. Dick mais ca ne garantie rien, le scripteur peut faire ce qu’il veut.

aj August 12, 2003


follow the link. It’s the first quote at the top of the page.

You interviewed Whit Stillman?…that’s so cool.

Alex August 13, 2003


Clooney a été tellement ordinaire en Batman. Je lui aucun crédit pour Mister Fantastic…

Patrick August 13, 2003

Clooney tait ordinaire dans Batman mais le film au complet tait trs ordinaire. Sauf qu’il tait excellent dans Three Kings, O Brother et Ocean’s Eleven, pas pire dans Out of Sight et Perfect Storm. Avec un bon directeur un bon acteur qui a le look physique de Reed Richards ca devrat tre un match le fun.

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