Great news

Brazil is going to help Africa in trying to get the HIV pandemic under control. As most people know, the situation over there is catastrophic.

Africa is home to more than 70 percent of the estimated 42 million people worldwide infected with HIV, the virus that causes the deadly disease… In the southern tip of the continent, infection rates in some countries are in excess of 30 percent and experts say average life expectancy of people in some countries will drop below 40 by 2010 as the disease shortens the lives of millions.

Brazil will share some of it’s anti-AIDS drugs copicating expertise with Africa. I’m sure there is some financial insentive in it, when isnt there these days, but I think it’s fantastic that a country still coping with a lot of problems of it’s own offers help of that kind. Just think what the drug companies making the original product could have done in the last few years if they had gotten their heads out of their asses wallets!