Grand Prix

First they said it was off, then it was denied, then Normand Legault announces it’s off because of tobacco laws then Ecclestone denies it again. Considering Legault and Ecclestone are supposed to be the best of buddies I get a feeling someone’s screwing with us.

Still, I’ll be royally pissed if we end up losing the race. Both because it’s a moronic law that I dont think will change anything to smoking (find me one person who started smoking because (s)he saw a Marlboro logo on a Ferrari, come on!!) and because there are already a few Grand Prix on the circuit who dont allow advertising and who dont lose their race. Why the hell should one of the most popular stops amongst drivers, fans, everyone, be cancelled for that reason??

J’ai commencé en anglais parce que l’article sur Ecclestone est plus récent et en anglais mais évidemment, on retrouve aussi la nouvelle sur Cyberpresse et parlez moi pas du bruit et des ginos au center ville, 80 millions en retombées et la visibilité internationale, sans compter les centaines de milliers de gens qui trippent F1, ca vaut définitivement 4-5 jours avec certains petits inconforts!

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