Google Is Weird Sometimes

So I’m reading this article about blog-reading stats which, among other things1, mentions that the vast majority of blogs have under 100 readers a day. A bit surprising. I know a lot of blogs don’t have that many readers but they seem to suggest only a few 100s have more than that. Not quite sure what they are referring to as domains here though:

The comScore data does not address these smaller blogs as many are merged with all the other blogs hosted by the same domain, as in the case of Six Apart’s TypePad. Others simply did not make the cut, as the list was limited to the Top 400 most-trafficked blog domains. All but one of the blog domains used in the report had more than 1,000 unique visitors

If they are saying that no blog with a subdomain of Typepad has more than a thousand daily visitors, I would disagree. I’m sure there are a number who beat that. 1000 is not that big a number. (Blork and The Long Tail to name a couple)

Anyway, that made me think of looking at my stats2 which led me to my referrers than to my search words. The number one is Coverflow. My quick little post about the product makes me no. 4 on Google! I grabbed the link from Darren who posted about it the day before I did.

He’s got a blog with a good semantic structure, good content, more frequent posts and, I’m sure, more readership and linking. (Can’t confirm, frickin’ Technorati blows today again) I’m also in front of The Tao of Mac, The Furl link, This picture on Flickr (Flickr!) and What Do I Know who doesn’t post as much as he used to but has shit loads of linking to him and loads of readers. So what gives? The answer can’t possibly that “I’m big” because, huh, if I am than the whole blogging thing is much smaller than I thought.

[Update Aug. 18th] Monitering the “issue” I see that I am now the third hit. The first two being the actual site, including an “indented” sub page.

1 What the hell is a hipster lifestyle blog??

2 Top “browsers”: NetNewsWire, Firefox, IE. In that order!

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