Google and Blogs, again

At first I thought Matt was going nuts by agreeing with Orlowsky who wants blogs out of Google. But then of course he does make sense, contrary to the other guy. Especially when he concludes:

Something isn’t right in Googleville and perhaps it’s time to figure out new criteria for predicting a high quality informational site that doesn’t instantly favor blogs.

He’s got it right, new criteria to distinguish and then be able to display what is most relevant. In other words, evolve google to take blogs into account, not take them out completely.

Last point though, I’m not sure his PVR blog is a good exemple, or rather it’s an extreme exemple. Just look at the blog’s cosmos, 59 inbound links already! There are hundreds of thousands of blogs with way less links to them. Considering his high profile he obviously generated a lot of link “power” much quicker than other blogs do and much quicker than the vast majority of regular media articles or company sites. It doesnt contradict what he is saying, I just thing it makes the “problem” look much worse than it normally is.