Fake Page Views

A little detail that’s been bugging the shit out of me lately? Internal linking using company names. This post on Techcrunch about the laughably bad Firefox CSS implementation by Walmart is a good example of what I mean. See the link on the words “Walmart’s brand new video site”? Now where to you think you’ll go, taking into account years of linking and years of blogging? Me, I expect the link to go to… “Walmart’s brand new video site”. But noooo, it goes to a post on Techcrunch about “Walmart’s brand new video site”. And one more page view for Mike’s site woohoo, cool, well done. Thanks for thinking of me, the reader, I really appreciated that little trick. Now, I don’t mind linking within the blog, I just want links on company names to link to company sites, like our forefathers did all those… months ago.

Another example here with internal links on the names of CinemaNow, MovieLink and Amazon Unbox. Nothing else but the name with a link, what else would I expect but the company site?