Everything’s Relative

When looking around for information on the Z600 it seemed that everyone agreed, it’s a great phone, one of if not the best in it’s category but they also all seemed to say it was a tad big compared to others. Still, I decided to go with it since the selection of phones with my requirements that are offered in Canada is, well, very limited.

Once I had it in hand though I realized how everything is relative, especially in technology. If you click the thumbnail in this entry you’ll realize that it is in fact pretty small. Especially when you consider that I can sync it’s contacts and calendars with my iBook through Bluetooth, swap files through Bluetooth or infrared, take pictures, get email, receive instant messages, access the web directly, use it as a modem for my iBook, play games and, oh yeah, take phone calls. Plus a screen that has more colors and higher resolution than my first 3 computers put together and an internal antenna. Indeed, everything is relative.

(Can you tell I’m very happy with my phone?)

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