Dropsend On Sale

The Carsons are selling one of their products, the file transfer service Dropsend. Looking at the numbers you have to wonder why the heck they’d sell that, nearly $7000 of profit a month? Sign me up.

Supposedly it requires barely any tech support, you’d of course have to add various coding duties to keep the thing going but still, pretty decent revenue stream that they are selling there. A lot of interesting back and forth going on in the comments, especially this one detailing Ryan’s network which certainly puts into perspective the “no marketing” claim. Not paying for ads doesn’t equate not marketing, it just means you are leveraging your connections “for free” instead of paying someone else but there’s still time involved there and the buyer won’t necessarily be able to replicate that.

Another good comment tries to understand what made the Carsons sell, I think he stretches his guesses a bit in a couple of places but still a good view point.

I’m looking forward to seeing what price the app goes to, Ryan is blogging the whole process on Barenakedapp, a site they used previously to expose the steps involved in building Amigo. Some guy is estimating at $325K, some are saying more but based on some other comments and perspective, it could be a lot less in which case I’m still left wondering why they’d sell, a quick larger amount (agreed upon but probably not payed in one go anyway) is certainly easier but if you can make more within two years with minimal effort, you have to wonder why they are giving that up.


Andy November 15, 2006

“Not paying for ads doesn’t equate not marketing”

Maybe. But paying for an ad definitely does…

Patrick November 15, 2006

Wow. Yeah, I’d say that’s advertising. Thanks for the link.

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