Cyborg Name

Sounds good to me

[via Antoine]


Alex September 1, 2004

A.L.E.X.: Artificial Lifeform Engineered for Xenocide


Martine September 3, 2004

I like mine too:

Trained for
Infiltration and

mir September 7, 2004

M.I.R.I.A.M.: Mechanical Individual Responsible for Infiltration and Accurate Mathematics

which is weird because i bite at math.

so I wanted to actually mention re: the new imac that I am beginning to be afraid of the good people at Apple.

The purity/integration metaphor is wearing thin and they remind me of the raelians with all that white. I would be really jazzed if the g6 came out in a solid cherrywood case with scrolled wrought-iron carrying handles.

Also they are transparently trying to turn on the funk in a really cheesy way.

“let’s get it started??” it’s a computer for crying out loud, it doesn’t want to get funky with you. oh my look how quickly I am uploading my photos – this really makes me want to dance the roger rabbit.


I want lumpy grey boxes back.

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