CSS Switching

As I promised when I came up with the Trabant design, I’ve just implemented a Styleswitcher (found on A List Apart). Now you can go back to the original Grey design if you want to. The switch links are at the bottom of the sidebar.

Speaking of sidebar, if you are one of the poor souls stuck with IE 5.crap for Windows you can use the Grey style to have the links on the right as they should be instead of having them slide to the bottom of the page. I’ll still try to fix the damn thing but in the mean time, that will do I guess.


aj July 24, 2003

it’s working now…what’d you do?

Patrick July 24, 2003

The problem was caused by some faulty treatment of margin, borders and padding in IE. The white space I wanted on both sides of the entries was miscalculated (or at least differently calculated) in various versions of IE.

Initially the idea (thanks Steph) was to have the white space be padding on one side and a margin on the other, instead of the normal way of doing things with the same on both sides. That seemed to work but then a couple of people, including you aj, found that it didnt work in IE 6. After some thinkering I remembered my individual entries are wrapped in their own div so I moved the margins from the div wrapping them together to the divs for each entry. Since the original wrapper interacting with the sidebar wasnt “margined” or padded anymore, I was taking the problem out of the equation.

Seemed to work fine but I’ve gotten word that it’s now causing something in IE 5.5. Havent looked into that yet.

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