Yulzine Archives

Ok, a bit late but I’ve finally added archives to Yulzine, I’m pretty happy with the result, took quite a bit of tweaking to merge the entries in the Textpattern install I’m using. I’ll probably reuse some of what I found to enhance some other parts of the site.

(Untested in IE so far)


Michael May 23, 2005

How do you like Textpattern? I am considering using it for a small project.

Patrick May 24, 2005

Love it. It’s soooo much faster than MT and pages aren’t built, they are “constructed” on the fly so no rebuilding and much more pleasant to develop with. There are a few weird quirks but I encountered those mostly with sites that aren’t blogs so not really a defect.

For the archive part I needed to add a couple of plugins and some of them were very alpha so didn’t work as advertised. But since the whole platform is in beta and I started using it in gamma with no problems to speak of, it’s actually excellent.

Michael May 24, 2005

Very cool. The project I’m thinking of using it for isn’t really a weblog anyhow, so rather than try to shoehorn MT to do the magic I thought I’d try something new. And now I guess I will!

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