Coupla Sci Fi Things

I liked Blade, I didn’t like Blade II all that much but it was pretty cool visually. The Sci Fi wire has a little piece concerning Blade: Trinity, the follow up coming out this year. I very sceptical although of course I’ll go and see it, even though… Parker Posey has a vampire gang leader? Alongside HHH???

On the same site, another tidbit, Return Of The King (which I saw for the second time this sunday) just passed the billion dollars in ticket sales, doing it a bit quicker than Titanic. Although, I don’t have the numbers but I’m guessing translated to today’s dollar it probably means that LoTR is a bit slower but I have high hopes for them to detrone the sinkin’ boat. I didn’t dislike, contraty to a lot of people, but Return is way better.