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The Guardian have come out with another one of their lists, this time the World’s 40 Best Directors. As always there will be huge disagreements and disapointments as well as some “ah yes, forgot about him”s but also as usual they at least have the merit of a more international flavor than would be expected from american lists. Not sure I agree with Lynch as a first choice but I’m not sure either whom I would put there instead. Certainly wouldn’t have Cronenberg in the top ten and Almodovar and Paul Thomas Anderson should both be higher. How about Luc Besson? (remember, we’re talking director here, right MJ? ;) ) But hey, there are so many in the list that I’ve never heard of, who am I to disagree?


Alex November 16, 2003

I dont understand. No Herzog, No Cassavettes, No Fassbinder, No Godard, No Harmony Korine, No Spielberg (im sure that was deliberate). Good list though.

lightspeedchick November 17, 2003

Ugh. I could do a whole series of posts on this. Suffice it to say (for now) that I was extremely happy to see Lukas Moodysson on the list. I’ve always thought much of his appeal for me had to do with my Swedophilia, but the other North Americans I’ve subjected to his work have really enjoyed it.

When I went to Scandinavia the first time, everyone was ranting about his movie Fucking Amal (it’s called “Show me Love” in English), which I found was indeed excellent when I saw it. Then I saw Tillsammans (Together) here in Montreal, and I thought that one even better.

His movies are intelligent and funny in a realistic way. They have the feel of the better indie movies that get made in North America.

Show Me Love and Together are both available at Blockbuster, and that’s my plug of the day.

Kate M. November 17, 2003

Alex, I think the list is meant to be living directors, so some of the ones you mention don’t qualify.

I was surprised to see Robert Altman didn’t make the list either.

Alex November 17, 2003

28. Micheal Moore. This is a joke. He made 2 movies? Canadian Bacon? Whoa.

Patrick November 17, 2003

I think this is mostly a case of a very badly titled list. They say: “…but the art of the cinema is as healthy as ever. Our panel of critics picks out the film-makers who are leading the way” which implies that; one, as Kate said they have to be alive and that two, they have to be leaders. Now that second part means that they have to lead which would explain Moore but it also in large part contradicts the “best” moniker, you can lead a certain wave of protest without being one of the best director, especially when everyone knows that as soon as you say best everyone tends to start thinking all time. “Most influential” might have best fit their description.

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