Counting Instapaper

One of my favourite and most essential apps is Instapaper and I’ve always got loads of articles saved there. This summer or even spring I realized the default number of articles downloaded to the iPhone app was 250 and… I was above that! Since then I’ve made a concerted effort to lower that number and I’m now under 120, hoping to get it to under 100 asap. Mini bug; I like to know how I’m doing and there’s no total count anywhere in the interface. Marco did that on purpose so I won’t ask him to change it but I’d like to have the total and each time going to the last page and counting what’s left + adding 40 article per page is a bit redundant. So I coded up a quick bookmarklet to count it for me and I thought I’d share. Just drag this link to your bookmarks bar, navigate to the last page of your unread Instapaper articles and click. The bookmarklet adds a little layer in the page with the total number of articles left.

It’s tested in Safari, period. Probably not as clean as it could be either. Quickly pulled together using Ben Alman’s jQuery bookmarklet generator.