C’est beau ça!

Finally launching one of my procrastination projects today. For the last few months I’ve been blogging photos and illustrations at céboça, I kept delaying the launch, hoping to redesign i.never.nu at the same time, wanting to come up with a new bio, etc., etc. Always something coming in the way or some new way to waste time.

So the last couple of details are taken care off, I hope you like it. The domain is a play on words for “C’est beau ça” which means “That looks good” and that’s exactly what it is, just a place for me to post images and illustrations I find and like. Super simple design, just nice looking things.


Denis Canuel September 30, 2008

Nice pictures!! I love the simple blog design too.

vanou September 30, 2008

Oh No!
Another site, I’ll be addicted to!
Looks great!

cfd September 30, 2008

Now we want to know, where’s “si j’avais su ça” and “4 each 7” !!

Francois Lane October 1, 2008

Merci, c’est un *beau* cadeau.

Patrick October 2, 2008

@cfd : hehehe, ça s’en vient

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