Ceci n’est pas une weeknote

After a very quiet summer, suddenly a few excellent meetings / opportunities this week, and a couple of fun calls. It’s not often that that happens or that I spend so much time productively on Zoom, so a very irregular (as in, almost never) weeknote to keep a small trace of the moment(s).

  • Excellent meeting related to curation.
  • Very fun General Seminar on AR but more importantly a two hour conversation with smart people.
  • Excellent first meeting for project BROWN.
  • Another fun conversation, this time with Jorge for his podcast. (The man seems to be very well organized, because he’s got a bunch of other interviews in the can, I’ll only be up in a couple of months.)
  • In person coffee (!!) for a specific topic that I’ll keep to myself, but that might end up with echos of the Research Studio.

Depending on what pans out for the work related ones, I could be in a pretty different work “geometry” before the end of the year. Exciting!

(In the mean time though, keep the inquiries and meetings coming, I still have 2-3 days availability for work starting… now basically.)