Boring stats

I’ve been using reinvigorate to keep tabs on this site’s traffic stats. Since then I’ve noticed that the visitors’ browser, OS and resolution are different than the web wide stats normally recognized but also that my stats are slowly sliding towards normality.

Here are the numbers, with stats for all reinvigorate sites in parentheses. When I first registered for the service Netscape Navigator 5 (that includes Mozilla) was at 39%, it’s been steadily going down to the current 33% (4) which is still very high. Max OSX was at 36% and is now at 20% (5), also higher than the whole of the web. And finally on the resolution side of things, 800×600 used to be a very small 4-5%, it went up to 13 and is now at 9% (28), 1024×768 is the most widely used at 46% (40).

Sorry for boring the hell out of most readers with those stats ;).