Bleh Trend

First Daughter

The first daughter of the U.S. President heads off to college where she falls for a graduate student with a secret agenda.

Chasing Liberty

The President’s daughter, unable to experience life like a normal 18 year-old, escapes from her entourage of Secret Service agents while traveling in Europe. She falls in love with a handsome British stranger, who also happens to be working undercover for her father.

The Prince and Me

A fairy tale love-story about a pre-med student who falls in love with a Danish Prince who refused to follow the traditions of his parents and has come to the US to quench his thirst for rebellion.

Three movies I wont need to see. However, I wonder what that semi trend is about though? Maybe that’s the only “vehicle” producers can come up with to star young upcoming actresses?

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aj December 27, 2003

aaand The Princess Diaries, and the Lizzie McGuire Movie — which Chasing Liberty looks like a complete rip-off of, lock stock and two smoking barrels.

Studios know their Pre-Teen demographic and these kind of movies are relatively cheap to produce. Once one script makes the rounds, it’s pretty easy for them to say “Well, here’s our version of the same story with our-brand teen star, instead of Disney’s.”

Ultimately, I wonder what sort of messages these films are giving young girls. I haven’t seen them, so I can’t say specifically, but since you can see the whole plot arc, such as it is, from the trailers, I see “It’s ok to rebel a *little,* but don’t get any Big Ideas cos’ you have to conform to crushing peer, family and social expectations, but you’ll always be Really You! and have Friends 4 Ever!”

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