I’m watching The Rebel Billionnaire, fun so far. Pretty crazy stunts. I have one question though: why the f*cking h*ll are all the contestants American? Again? British entrepreneur. International companies. Show starts in Oxford, continues in Hong Kong. Why the heck are all of them from the frickin’ US? Nothing against Americans there, just wondering, with an international setup, wouldn’t a more diverse cast make sense. I’m sure there’s the fact that US listeners wouldn’t be interested in an international cast but come on, a mix? Please?



Robin Millette November 10, 2004

I read recently the whole idea was for Virgin to become much better known in the USA – as much as it’s known in the UK. I don’t have the source at hand, but I could probably find it if it’s really really important.

Patrick November 10, 2004

Yeah. I saw Branson on The Daily Show later in the night and that’s what he was saying, he’s spending the time on that to get more visibility for Virgin. Obviously it’s also EGO but the official spin is visibility for the company.

lightspeedchick November 10, 2004

My question is, how are those Fear Factor-like stunts supposed to have anything to do with running a company? Not sure the Apprentice is all that serious, but at least it pretends to have something to do with management :)

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