A pretty cool idea, Gate 3 Workclub is a place where “un-attached” workers can go and find various business support services, a cafe, workspaces, etc. Looks very well designed and like it’s a relaxed place to work. Anyone wants to start one of those in Montréal? I’d go.


mtl3p October 16, 2004

Me too. Have you ever heard of that workspace/club that Howard Rheingold wrote about in Northern Europe? You could got there to work, it had a gym and a cafe, but the cool thing was that people had something like rfid tags so that the other members knew when you were in the club. It would show up on their cell phones I think.

I kinda wish we had something like that for ISF hotspots, (rfid readers connected to a social networking system) but everyone else thinks I’m a freak.

Martine October 17, 2004

Hey, I’d love to go to a place like that, if only to talk with other people and get out of the house. But they would have to have some working space that would be more private. It’s too hard for me to write in a café.

Patrick October 17, 2004

Mike: The rfid thing is spooky ;)

Martine: They do. They’re called touchdown spaces.

mtl3p October 19, 2004

that’s the last time I ever confide in you, Patrick.

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