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I know it’s not directly web related and my reading habits online are pretty web centric but considering the loads of linkage and content I’ve seen concerning Webcom I’m kind of astonished that it’s only yesterday that I finally saw a passing link to Digimart which starts monday. It’s a digital cinema market place so I can see how I might not have my ears in the right places to learn about it but how is it that on one day John Perry Barlow, Daniel Langlois and Cory Doctorow (twice) are all speaking in Montréal and no one talks about it?? Who am I supposed to be reading to know about that?


me October 14, 2006

I saw an advertisement for it at Ex-centris.
Forgot about it until I saw your post.
I just could not remember teh website address.

mtl3p October 15, 2006

yeah- found out about it only last week. through sylvain. weird, eh?

also weird that barcamp was written about in the montreal mirror. must be because of that guy that’s organizing it. who is he, anyways?

Sylvain October 15, 2006


I am the official french blogger (but will also do english post) for the event. Expect realtime blogging just like webcom. The only difference is that my screen will not be displayed by a projector (goo thing, I will be able to IM and check mail!).

It’s going to be a tremendous event, I interviewed Sheila de la Varende last friday with Yannick (she was filming)… check out my Dziit blog I will post some video there tonight.

Hugh McGuire October 15, 2006

another anti-copyright, free-the-media, stick-it-to-those-DRM-jerks, liberate-the-bytes talk that’ll cost you 450 smackers to see.

second one in 3 weeks.

man being a freedom fighter is expensive.

Boris October 15, 2006

Actually Hugh, there isn’t a thing in what will be said that isn’t already known to you and me (and a few more of us). These guys give these presentations and talks to those who haven’t already heard it/live it. It’s expensive having to have knowledge spoon fed to you. ;)

I’m glad they do these conferences, spreading the ideas, for better or worse. :)

Patrick October 15, 2006

Sylvain and Mike: Yeah that’s where I found it, Sylvain’s blog. How come you didn’t mention it ahead of time? :-p

Hugh and Boris: Also yeah, I’m not expecting to learn anything new but if I wasn’t already booked on something else I might have considered the one day pass ($150, expensable) to see them in person. It’s certainly a good place (digital movie market place) to spread the liberate the bytes word ;)

If anyone has special pricing or knows of after hours events, feel free to keep me in the loop… ;)

Hugh McGuire October 16, 2006

i know i know it’s just that i love cory doctorow and i want to tell him that in person. i think if we just got a chance to talk a bit, we’d really get along, and i bet we’d become good friends.

sure these conferences are good – and they are selling to a different market anyway – those that don’t know.

PS word is david byrne’s thing was terrible.

Antoine October 16, 2006

Going tomorrow for Four Eyed Monster movie screening, might try to get inside for the 5 a 7 just before. I have a good connection at the door! ;)

Patrick October 16, 2006

Antoine ça aurait été une bonne idée de blogger la présentation de Four Eyed Monster.

Antoine October 16, 2006

Je l’ai su tantôt (Thx to Steph), j’y court!

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