1. Yeah I thought Sawyer’s take on gender politics a bit off-putting as well. In general, though, I was impressed with the scope of the entire trilogy. He really did an amazing job creating this other Earth. He made it seem a place you’d want to visit, if not live.

  2. Exactly! I kept thinking, “how cool is this place” no crime, no polution, small healthy population, etc. But then… wait a minute, maybe (actually, certainly) I wouldn’t want my whole life recorded. And “man-mate”? No thanks!

  3. I wouldn’t mind my whole life being recorded as long as everyone else was doing it then my privacy issues wouldn’t be so great. But I agree about the man-mate thing. I don’t think that part would work for me.

    There’s a good interview with Robert J. Sawyer at Shift that talks about the privacy issues of having a companion.

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