I’d like to present again at the next BarCampMontreal but I don’t know what to talk about. Any suggestions?

At the same time, I’d like to enthusiastically encourage people to come and present and/or participate. This is NOT only for geeks, I’m not expecting car repair or cooking presentations but application design, software (not necessarily web), gaming, social issues (online and off), non profits, productivity, writing (lots of bloggers no?), creativity, etc. are all more than welcome and actually warmly invited. Wouldn’t hurt to have a… less masculine aspect to it too.

Also, although the site puts quite a bit of emphasis on presenting, you don’t have to present. You’re more involved if you do but the important thing is to approach it as a participatory thing, don’t expect to sit down and watch like some conferences or tv. Plan/expect to ask questions, get engaged in discussions, land a hand before during and after if you can (helping with the food, chairs, tables, AV, cleanup, etc.). The point is that it’s not a watcher’s event, it’s a doer and participator thing.

Et même si mon entrée est en anglais, c’est évidemment un mélange, le site est aussi en français et vous faites votre présentation dans la langue qui vous tente.

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