Back, Kinda

I said I would’nt blog until June but, well, I feel like it so a few numbers, while I have them in mind.

  • Pictures taken: 894 (that’s not counting the ones deleted on the fly but including the ones I will delete as soon as I see them on a bigger screen).
  • Unread news in the RSS reader: 1476
  • Cafes offering free wireless in Paris: Too many to count, I shit you not. And they say France is behind internet wise!
  • Most expensive Coke can price I saw: 3.90 € and that’s not in a bar either. And don’t forget the 8.50 € pints of beer. Then again, pretty good bottle of white wine for 5.5 €…
  • Hot women: lots and lots but we still have more ;). But daaamn do they dress sharp in Paris!
  • Number of japanese tourists seen taking a picture of themselves with some work of art or another: Not sure I can count that high.
  • Number of pairs of Puma “sneakers” seen: What’s the population of France again?
  • Times I whipped my head around and thought “man this city is gorgeous!” : At least twice an hour and I’m including sleeping hours in that average.
  • Times I thought “If only there were fewer tourists” : About the same as above.
  • Spending 18 days in France: Priceless. Well, not really but I’m not sure I want to know how much it cost me. Anyone have a contract for me?

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Iko May 25, 2004

I had Pma sneaker ! :-]

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