AOL Blogs

Everyone and their mother is going to blog this but here goes anyway. AOL is coming out with AOL Journals, basically a blogging platform for their members and they invited some of the usual suspects to a preview and discussion. Jeff Jarvis was one of them and Kevin is part of the team at AOL. The most important point:

I’ve already heard whispers that “AOL will ruin blogging.” But those who think that are not dissing AOL; they are dissing AOL’s millions of members. And that is a mistake… …There’s no need for concern that this will crowd and clutter the blogging world. You’ll never see Aunt Esther’s cat blog if no one you know ever links to it. That is precisely what makes weblogs a quality- and interest-driven medium. As Clay Shirky and I told them yesterday: It isn’t content until it’s linked.