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At a client’s today (web dev co.) I was giving a lunch conference on the usage of web standards. Amongst other ressources I had used this presentation and one of the arguments was this one relating to the weight of pages and bandwidth savings. From there, after the presentation I had a talk with one of the attendees and we were at odds, for one thing, with the general trend of the web.

He says the tendency is towards heavier sites with more images and I think the opposite. What do you think?

Before answering though, I want you to think of the web as a whole. If you only read blogs, that’s not it. Include them in your general view but do consider their limited part. Same if you only read newspaper sites, or go to flash only band sites, or check out artist portfolios all the time or spend 90% of your web surfing time on Yahoo services. I want your opinion on the whole thing, not juste the subset you frequent.

Or, even better come to think of it, both. If you have time for a detailed answer I’d like to know what kind of sites you see the most, where you think they are headed in terms of size and then what you think the trend is for the whole web.

Last thing. We’re talking size not experience. Flickr for example is sometimes mentioned as having a “rich media experience”. And to me it does; it offers a lot of possibilities, is engrossing and easy to use but it’s also light. A flash site that’s a long download and doesn’t do much is heavier (and might be the general trend, you tell me) but doesn’t offer a “rich media experience” so do make that disctinction.

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