An Eventful 2007

Most unoriginal of all unoriginal ideas; a roundup of last year.

  • Went to Cuba for a week in January. It was actually in an all inclusive so I wasn’t really in Cuba but in a parallel world peopled with lame un-cultured tourists but the setting was idyllic and I did have fun, read and relaxed a lot.
  • Late in February I finally (kinda) did it and headed to warmer climes to work for a few weeks, basically running away from the snow. I started mildly with Victoria and Vancouver for a week, visiting my uncle and Workspace.
  • First week of March was in San Francisco, spending a week in a gorgeous apartment with a couple of friends. Ended up working more than planned but still had a fabulous time and dropped by Citizen Space.
  • Next up was 5 days in Austin for my second SXSW. This year there were 14-15 people from Montréal and Québec, I was a bit disapointed at some of the content but we had a blast anyway and I’m heading there again for the 08 edition.
  • Attended Webcom and RococoCamp in May.
  • In June I started seeing a fantastic young woman.
  • In July and August it got more serious.
  • We headed to Europe for 12 days in September. Paris, Antwerp and Rotterdam. Lovely and relaxing.
  • Great chalet weekend and more reasons to hate cancer in October.
  • In November a few days in New York city for some time off and to attend FOWD. Good times with gf and one of my best friends.
  • Also in November, we finally found a great space for the Coworking project and held a 5@7 to confirm interest.
  • In December we signed the lease, named the project Station C and started shopping around for everything we need before heading out of town for a tiring 10 days of holiday meals and drinks.

    That’s the point by point review. A few more things. In 2007 business was hectic, even though I managed a decent number of (short) vacations, I worked my ass off. That resulted in a 30% (!!!) rise in revenues. Towards the end of the year I did “drop the ball” on one contract through a mix of over booking and outsourcing, I’m pissed as hell about that one and it won’t happen again. I’ll probably post some more soon to detail some of the business decisions I’ve come up with.

    From the bullet points above you already know it was a good year on the personal side, I also met a bunch of new people, made new friends and generally had a good time. Looking forward to 2008 and more progress on various fronts.

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Martine January 6, 2008

Ouin. Et moi qui croyais que j’avais eu une grosse année!

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