2008, Year of The Launch

Sadly (for me), Heri and the commenters already somewhat covered that before I could but it remains my big outlook for 2007; we’ll be seeing a lot of launches. After 2006 where we wondered why not much was happening in Montréal, 2007 where we started getting cooking, projects forming left and right, we’ll be seeing all that work coming to fruition in 2008.

  • Station C will open its doors on February 4th.
  • Praized, Standout Jobs and Akoha should see beta or full on launches.
  • I’m sure we’ll hear more from Karabunga and Code Kitchen, two small companies with various products in planning.
  • A very interesting niche project I’m consulting on should make a lot of noise and beta and launch during the year.
  • Many more I’m sure, those are just the ones I have the most friends in and who immediately come to mind, there are a lot of other projects in the work, some of which I probably don’t even know about.

    On a more personal side, I have a number of things to launch.

  • New portfolio / company site.
  • Information and members’ sites for Station C.
  • Maybe a redesign of this blog.
  • A new blog (I’m actually currently posting to it, I just need to finish some details before linking to it).
  • A cool little project I’m working on with 4 others.
  • A cool little project I’m working on with 2 others.
  • A new version of Yulblog. I’ve been promising that one for a year but I’ve scaled back the features again and I think I can get it done quickly with an open source solution instead of building out the whole thing.
  • Hopefully a couple more things, I’ve booked some time for myself to finally spec out and think on the famed “ideas” I supposedly have and we’ll see if I can get some going.

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