Amazing Race Predictions

Amazing Race 9 starts tonight tomorrow. Last season I did a quick blink thing which turned out well, having called correctly the top two teams. This time I had a quick look at some of the bios, here are my choices:

  1. BJ & Tyler. They look like the token clowns but are the most well traveled team.
  2. Eric & Jeremy. Two not dumb athletic guys, always a good choice on AR.
  1. Joseph & Monica. Same kind of reasoning as above. Plus, she’s cute so hopefully we’ll see her all season.

    Wildcard: Lake & Michelle. Good overall except I think they’re the crazy chauvinistic moron and doormat team of this season. Those always impload before the end.

    [Update] I’m liking the latin Gilmore Girls.



Frank February 27, 2006

My guess would be Eric & Jeremy. They kinda look like jerks in the bio and jerks haven’t won in a while. Otherwise Joseph & Monica or BJ & Tyler seem the teams that will have the least friction. Save the old people of course.

Patrick February 27, 2006

“teams that will have the least friction. Save the old people of course.”

Well the old people have the most friction with the ground, that’s the problem ;).

John February 28, 2006

Based soley on the publicity photo, I hate BJ and Tyler. They just look like those morning radio show doofuses you see on billboards for Q-92 or CKOI. I’m sure they’re nice guys.

I have no real clue who’s going to win but I am rooting for David and Lori as I tend to go for the pair that looks like someone I’d hang out with. And that of course means, they’ll be eliminated early.

I’m just hoping we don’t have to see some ugly marital issues being revealed a la Jonathan.

Seriously, the guy’s name is LAKE?!

Patrick February 28, 2006

BJ and Tyler look like tv/radio characters but they’re the only ones who seem like they might know what they are getting into.

David and Lori look nice enough but I expect them to be out by week 5.

Yeah, conflict is funny, marital crapulence like Jonathan is not. Looking forward to the days of interactive tv when we can shock him from a distance ;)

John February 28, 2006

“soley” = me spell good.

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