Amazing Race 10 Predictions

A new Amazing Race season is starting so, to try and keep my streak going, here are my predictions. Sadly, I don’t really “click” for any teams so I’m not expecting my results to be on par with the last two.

  1. Erwin and Godwin (predestined names, you have to admit)
  2. Tyler and James. I might actually get burned with those guys and they could finish ahead of the xxxwins but I hope not.
  3. Kellie and Jamie. I actually had them 2nd the first time I saved this post but as I clicked every link to make sure they were good, I noticed they’re both 22, a bit young to hold it together the whole race.
  4. Wildcard: Rob and Kimberly. They could actually finish higher, maybe win, but I have a feeling he’s the “moron who yells at his wife” for this season and if he is they’ll break down like all the others.
  1. Duke and Lauren are a rare promising father/daughter team so I mention them but I’m not expecting them any higher.

    Your choices?

    (Yeah I know, previous post was also tv, something else next time)

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