AJ Is Yulblog

Not sure how long it will be like that but this morning when looking for the Yulblog tag on Technorati you can see that AJ is Yulblog!

[Update] Now Nika is Yulblog. Since first writing this post, a pict. of a partying Nika has replaced AJ. :)


aj January 14, 2005


I’m actually the embodiment of everyone’s sublimated, subconscious desires for what yulblog should be…

(fades away into the ether)

Martine January 14, 2005

But AJ IS Yullbog.

aj January 14, 2005

First rule of Yulblog: Don’t talk about Yulblog.

Second rule of Yulblog: DON’T TALK ABOUT YULBLOG.

nika January 17, 2005

sure sure, AJ is YulBlog… but why does my nasty image pop up when i click that link!

lightspeedchick January 17, 2005

Love the picture!

Nika is the new AJ.

aj January 17, 2005

a definite improvement. 4 out of 5 experts agree.

in the meantime pat—join the darn flickr group already so we can make you an admin…

Oblivia January 17, 2005

And YULblog is the new black.

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