Yann Martel

When I started this blog I thought I’d write short book reviews, I quickly found that although I can talk about books for hours I suck at writing down my opinion about them so I’ve pretty much let it go. Too bad because I wish I could write something that reflects how much I loved Self by Yann Martel. When he won the Booker prize I looked at Life of Pi a few times, considered buying it but the subject just didnt interest me all that much. Since he lives in Montral I did want to read something by him and The Facts Behind the Helsinki Roccamatios caught my eye although I read it in french, the only version I found at the time (nothing against french, I just like reading the original versions). I loved that one too, or first which is why I bought Self. Now the very next time I’m in a bookstore, I’ll be getting Life of Pi, still not interested in the subject but I just have to read more.


blork June 3, 2003

Interesting that you liked “Self.” I haven’t read it, but it was totally ignored by the reading public. I think many people assumed (as I did) that it was blow-hard navel-gazing. (A first novel named “Self” does not bode well…)

I wasn’t interested in the subject of “Life of Pi” either, but I thoroughly enjoyed it when I read it on the “Rost of Maxus” a few weeks ago.

Patrick June 3, 2003

I saw your post but I didnt read it, you did warn of spoilers so I skipped it.

I had the same assumption of self centered-ness and it IS about one character’s life but the discovering of one’s self isnt too in your face. It’s not “I learned this, I’m so great”, very readable. Plus I like the way he writes, just from a pleasure of reading the phrases one after the next.

M-J June 4, 2003

The facts… is still one of my favourite collections of short stories by anyone. Ever. Especially the story about the vets in DC. I did not warm to Self as much, and I’m saving Pi for the summer canoe trip…

tarika August 24, 2003

Am reading SELF..and i agree, the pleasure of the phrases….when imagination married expression!

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