Seen on the shelves: magazine praizing beautiful 40 year old women… by picturing Cindy Crawford, Carla Bruni and Jennifer Aniston. The goal is great. The execution, not so much. How about showing real women? Impossibly perfect 40 year old women aren’t any more realistic than using 15 year olds to sell anti wrinkle cream and don’t help anyone’s self image, except maybe the three on the cover.


Martine August 14, 2009

High standards un jour, high standards toujours…

Christine Prefontaine August 17, 2009

Not much about me is different from six months ago. Except everything is different. Because now I’m 40. Some sort of threshold or milestone has been crossed and now often it feels like this number defines me or is used as a measure. (And I do it to myself, indicating that it is cultural.) Creating a list is a cheap content strategy to begin with. Lists of beautiful women is problematic, right up there with the beauty pageant. But if they don’t go away, couldn’t they at least — as normal practice — include women of all ages and sizes and colours? That would be less evil.

— Your friend the woman writer

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