X-Men III Trailer

New X-Men III Trailer, looks exellent. A bit of Kitty Pride and a brief glimps of Colossus. They seem to show Magneto as a religious fanatic, some kind of cult leader, which I don’t like, he’s a fanatic but not a religious one.


Ella March 7, 2006

Oooooo looks good, I’m super excited to see the movie. They did a pretty decent job of the last two, I hope this one’s as good..

Patrick March 7, 2006

Yep. I’d rate the 2 X-Men just below the Spidermans for comic book fidelity. X-Men III is looking of the same caliber although they seem to fold too many storylines in one movie.

Antoine March 8, 2006

It’s just too bad they changed the director. Brian Singer did such a great job in the first two X-Men.

I expect the third movie much more cheesy, but wow.. trailer look amazing!!!

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