Twitter’s Drinking Water Strategy

It occurs to us that paying to have water bottled and shipped to our office when clean drinking water flows from the tap is silly, to say the least. In fact, some might even say it’s socially, ecologically, and financially irresponsible.—Twitter’s Drinking Water Strategy


the milliner July 19, 2007

In fact it is ecologically irresponsible. Did you know that it takes 2x as much water to make the bottle than the water that goes in it?

Patrick July 20, 2007

The aluminum bottle? Wouldn’t the bottle be used hundreds of times? “Paying” two bottles of water to make it and then save the usage of hundreds of plastic bottle makes sense no?

the milliner July 23, 2007

Ooops. My bad. What I meant to say was that yes, they (Twitter) are correct regarding water bottled in plastic bottles being ecologically irresponsible. (Hence my comment). The aluminum bottle to be re-filled makes sense. Yes! :)

We’ve done the same at our work. Everyone got a Nalgene bottle and they no longer sell bottled water in our cafeterias.

Yay Twitter.

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