Travellers Who Piss Me Off

I’ve found a couple of guys who travel everywhere and piss me off. Piss me off because they are doing shit I should be doing but don’t. Ok, in some cases it’s things I know I’d bitch about if I actually ended up there—hiking for days in Nepal with frozen extremities? I don’t think so—but still, when reading about them, I’m jealous.

The first one is Jon Evans I’ve read both of his novels, actually I blasted through them. The main character in both is Paul Wood, a web guy who’s living the life, working for 8 months, quitting, traveling for 4 months, getting a new job. Rinse, repeat. It’s actually what Evans himself has been doing.

You might have noticed I said “web guy”, as in programmer, doing java, working with servers, telnet, all that stuff. The skills he uses for work he also uses during his adventures, tracking killers, exacting revenge. Sweeeeet. I’m actually very surprised I haven’t heard about those books on blog after blog. A geek who travels the globe, has death defying adventures and uses log files to find a killer? Come ON where’s the bloggers with this?

I’m sure a few of you are reading this and thinking “log files, yeah, real exciting”. Wrong. Okay log files are boring but the books aren’t. Fast paced, lots of action. Anyway, both are a lot of fun and recommended. Hopefully Evans, who now lives in Montréal, will start a blog as he promises in his news page and we’ll see him at Yulblog when he gets back from Africa.

Second guy who pisses me off is Jonathan Rawlinson and his RADblog. He’s canadian too and is travelling all over europe, soon the middle east and South-Africa. Rawlinson is a “producer, videographer, editor, photographer and designer” and it shows. Every few days he posts a videoblog that he cuts on his 12” Powerbook. Some great stuff there, with perfectly matched sound tracks.

Two favorites so far (I haven’t watched everything yet though, going slowly); Escape and Autobahn. In the second one he rents a Porsche and drives the sh*t out of it on the autobahn. Some great shots there and I love the various angles which I believe he shoots all by himself. Favorite blog these days.

F0ckers. ;)

Note: Can’t believe I had to create the “travel” category for this!! What the hell am I doing ont this blog?!


Martine October 23, 2005

I just watched “Escape”. Okay… you might have just convinced me to buy that damn Powerbook after all.

Oh, and a videocamera.

Patrick October 23, 2005


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