Immersive Web Schmersive Web

A couple of days ago Michael and Boris were going off on a 3D bender, talking about the possibilities of an Immersive Web. Frankly, I couldn’t care less about 3D environments. There’s a few things I could use if they existed but I’m not pining for any of it. Doesn’t mean I see anything wrong with it, if it happens it could actually be huge, just look at the success of the games they mention. It’s just not for me.

However, like with anything on the web, especially things that could have a major influence, it’s important to try and keep some kind of open alternative and standards.

We need a open-standard, open-source immersive environment alternative. It has to be federated or P2P to deal with resource needs (as well as to prevent undue centralization). And it has to have an upgrade path that doesn’t mean starting from scratch every 2 years.This is an almost overwhelming task, but 1) we’re getting really good at those (ex: linux, wikipedia), and 2) it might be our only option. Because if we don’t take it on, then we’re going to just have to hope that market-wise it shakes out that the big guys agree on open-standards between themselves instead of each of them going for the whole pie, and that’s definitely far from being a sure thing. That would be hoping for market fragmentation and there are certain forces like social networks and proprietary content which – combined with huge startup costs and a corresponding inability to “roll your own” – could prevent that from happening – or at least delay it’s occurence. (emphasis mine)

If only for that, it’s worth bringing those ideas of Immersive Web out there and start working on open solutions.

I’m curious though, am I the only one not big on 3D in such uses as they mention?

(Yeah, another title that doesn’t really reflect what I say :-p )

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François October 22, 2005

J’ai le même feeling que toi, je ne suis pas vraiment attiré par de telles interfaces… Bien que je suis tout de fait d’accord qu’il faille un standard…. Je ne sais pas si c’est l’odeur de réchauffé qui me rappelle le VRML… ;-)

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