Transformers Pics

I was very skeptical at a live action version of Transformers but I have to say, those pics look awesome. It will probably suck but it seems like it will look good.


jer April 11, 2007

Michael Bay is pretty much famous for making films that look amazing but have no substance at all, to the point where the good looks are just this mind numbing distraction from how bad the acting and direction is. Think of “The Island” or “Pearl Harbor”. Someone once called it “msg for movies”, which I think covers it pretty well.

Also, if you do see the movie, keep an eye out for product placements, Bay films are loaded with them to a cheesy degree, I think that’s how he can afford all the flashy effects.

Patrick April 11, 2007

I know.

Pearl Harbor sucked balls but I didn’t think The Island was all that bad.

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