How much do you tip? I just finished eating some chinese food I ordered and the delivery guy argued with me about his tip! For a couple of minutes I couldn’t get him out; “gas is expensive, you live far, took me 30 minutes getting here…” I almost had to push him out. As he was running back to his car he was looking back, yelling at me! Now obviously he’s an idiot but still, how much to you tip for delivery? (12$ of food in this case)


Thierry February 21, 2004

15% du total de la facture! Si il chiale, 0. J`ai souvent des problême avec les serveurs, sous pretexte que je suis jeune il m avertisse clairement qu`il veulent être typer!

lightspeedchick February 21, 2004

Pas nécessairement 15% pour un livreur; habituellement, assez de monnaie pour faire un chiffre rond plus 1$ ou 2$. Mais par temps de grand froid, plus comme 5$.

Blork February 21, 2004

I’d probably give $2 on a $12 order, or maybe even $3 depending on my mood and the rounding off effect. For example, if the order was $12.25 I’d just give 15 and forget about change. If it was 11.75 I’d get the change and toss him a twoonie.

I’d rather over tip than under tip. I see it as sort of a “trickle down” issue, since I probably make a lot more dough than the delivery guy, and two bucks is nothing for me.

Bartenders are a different story…

John February 21, 2004

Patrick, Patrick, Patrick: two tokens from the arcade, three Pez candies, your pocket lint, and old Kleenex is not an appropriate tip for a $12 delivery order, you cheapskate.

Seriously, two or three bucks would do.

bits February 22, 2004

I’m a very bad “tipper” (OZ was great for that)
but if the staff complains, the “TIP” I give them is : “get an other job body”.

F. February 22, 2004

I am usually a very good tiper and follow the minimum 15% of the bill thing… but I have this “rule” about delivery guys: 2$ whatever I get delivered. Come on! They don’t do anything, they get in the car with my food and then drop it on my doorstep… It’s totally different than say a waiter for example. So there you go…

Patrick February 22, 2004

Glad to see everyone agrees with me! 2$ on a 12$ order is fine. Except for lsc, 5$ when it’s cold!? Holy shit. Although if you’re ordering for 2 it’s probably a normal amount.

optimus February 23, 2004

Rude service — and I would count foot-in-the-door arguments about your tip as rude service — gets zero in my book.

Graciously accepting whatever tip is offered is par for the course in the service industry. Bitch about it afterwards to co-workers, take your time arriving next time, hell, spit in the food on the next order. ;)

But get in an *argument* demanding a bigger tip? Hells, no.

Bill February 23, 2004

That’s where I’d call the restaurant and tell them why I’m never ordering from them again.

Alex February 23, 2004

I tip at least 3$ for a 20$ order. Maybe I should tip more?

TheDon February 24, 2004

You initially owed him 1.80$, which is 15% on the price of the meal. After his rude behaviour the tip was subject to a subtraction of exactly 100% of 1.80$. That’s zero dollars, zero cents with a side order of the middle finger.

Maybe he wanted something a little more… y’know, extra. *wink wink nudge nudge* Know what I’m saying?

Personally, I would have lifted my fist and said “You’ve got 3 seconds before I tip your face,” but hey, that’s me. ;)

Patrick February 24, 2004

Hehehe. Sadly, he already had the money in hand because not tipping at all would certainly have been a good response.

sniffles February 24, 2004

I had to learn all about this tipping thing, being a foreigner to North America. I was born into a country was tipping was illegal, then I moved to a country where you only tip if the service was *exceptional*. Here you are expected to tip all the time, which to me, was a tad weird.

I was told that it was partly because minimum wages are so low here. I don’t agree with the tipping system, but I also feel that the culture is too ingrained to be easily changed, even if a better employment benefits system is put in place.

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